This ensemble consists of 8th grade band students who are ready for the challenge of performing high school level music at LGPE.

This ensemble consists of 7th grade band students who progressed quickly in the beginning classes and will perform advanced music at LGPE.

Concert Band

1st and 4th Periods


This ensemble combines a class of 7th grade students with a class of 8th grade students to form Cooper's largest band for concerts at Cooper and LGPE.

6th Grade Beginning Band

6th and 7th Periods

These classes are for 6th grade students who are learning to play a band instrument for the first time.

Jazz Band

after school each Wednesday


The Jazz Band is an auditioned extra-curricular ensemble for 7th and 8th grade students who have been playing their instruments for at least one year. The audition takes place at the beginning of the school year. This group consists of our most dedicated students and meets after school every Wednesday in preparation for performances throughout the school year.