Passoffs for 7th and 8th Grade Students

Today marked the beginning of passoffs for our 7th and 8th grade students. The first passoff (concert B-flat scale for everybody) will be due next week as an introductory assignment.

You can login to your passoffs by going to Your username is your firstnamelastname, all one long word in lower case letters without any other symbols. Your password is your student ID number.

Please remember that these assignments are scheduled by the computer - you cannot turn them in late because they will disappear from your dashboard on the day they are due. You can redo your recording as many times as you want before you submit. You can submit your passoff at any time before the due date - the earlier, the better. This application is a powerful practice tool - the computer will play the excerpt for you and you can also slow down the tempo to practice it more slowly.

Passoffs will go into the gradebook as homework/practice assignments. Please stay on top of them!