7th Grade Symphonic Band

5th Period


Please go to the Charms website or login to the free Charms Blue Student App to complete your passoff assignments.

The school code is CooperMSBand

Your original password is your student ID number (the one you use for lunch at school). Once you login the first time, you will change your password to something only you know, so please remember the password!


Our Fundamentals Packet and Scale Exercises are the cornerstone of the Cooper Band program. These are the most important things we work on, and what you should practice daily for success. If you lose yours, please print out what you need and replace it in your notebook in the appropriate location.

Concert Music

If you lose your music, you can find the PDF file for it here and print it out yourself.

The Thunderer

Twittering Machine  by Paul Klee, 1922

Twittering Machine by Paul Klee, 1922